The Coffee Brewmasters

An Innovative Technology

The Coffee Brewmasters and their trademarked "TCB Process' offer a range of Shelf Stable Liquid Coffee Concentrates tailored to your specific brand and coffee requirements. Premium coffee flavour and blends useful for cafe, retailers, chefs, food service operations, ice cream flavouring, and other cold brew products.

About Us

The Coffee Brewmasters are an innovative company who have over the last four years developed a unique technology in producing coffee extract.

This process has been refined to the point where we can now produce an extract from your bean selection with the flavour profiles you would expect from that bean and your friendly Barista.

Flavours are our expertise. We have grown and developed from our parent Company - Flavorjen

Our Mission

Flavorjen has released us onto the world coffee stage to manufacture and market this technology globally. We aspire to be the premium sought after coffee extract Company by the Major Coffee Companies and Brands internationally.

Our developments and applications of this extract range are wide and varied and each day we find new applications for this technology in food, beverages, meats, cosmetics and flavour systems.

Where are we?

We are based in the World Capital of Coffee – Melbourne Australia, which operates as our Centre of Excellence, along with offices in New Zealand, where great Coffee Roasters reside.

We have a large commercial extract plant in Australia and Chicago, USA and pilot plants in Melbourne, New Zealand and the USA. Plans are now underway to install a commercial plant in the United Kingdom.

Environment & Sustainability

We are mindful of eliminating waste and protecting the environment in our operations. All of our spent beans  are recycled to agriculture based enterprises assisting in fertilisation of farming and cropping operations.

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