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An Innovative Technology

Coffee flavouring taken to the extreme!

Coffee flavouring taken to the extreme!

The TCB Process

The TCB Process® produces a constant brix and caffeine content that delivers a true bean type flavour...


  • The TCB Process®  is true to bean barista type flavour profiles
  • TCB Process® is a true natural process
  • The resultant extract is produced through a range of 10 - 26 % Brix.
  • No adulteration of the extract - just beans and water
  • Shelf stability of eight months at ambient temperature

The TCB Process Difference

  • Extract blending of specific beans for those unique flavour profiles
  • Consistent quality and flavour profiles
  • In market manufacture
  • Cost effective per serve analysis
  • Branded bean options
  • Innovative Applications capabilities in other food systems

Extract Characterstics

  • High % Brix capabilities
  • Consistent flavour profiles
  • Consistent Brix results
  • True to bean flavour notes and profiles
  • No additives
  • No alcohol or sugar stability
  • Shelf stability - eight months at ambient temperature
  • Colour consistent with specific bean profile


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